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The traditional Portuguese sweets are very represented by the convent sweets that were made in convents, characterized by being produced in their majority with the help of large amounts of sugar and egg yolks.

The origin comes from the 15th century; during this period sugar entered the culinary tradition of the convents. Until then, the main sweetener used was honey because the sugar was considered vulgar with the colonization of Madeira, then sugar received a special mention.

In Madeira, one of the main cultures is the culture of sugar cane that has become an export hub of this ingredient for the entire Portuguese continent.

We present a short list of some of these sweets you can find in the north of Portugal:

  • Charutos de Ovos
  • Meias Luas
  • Papas doces de carolo
  • Fidalguinhos
  • Fataunços
  • Pasteis de São Francisco
  • Bolachas do Bom Jesus
  • Suspiros de Braga
  • Clarinhas de Fão
  • Barrigas-de-Freira
  • Leite-Creme
  • Pudim
  • Rabanadas
  • Ovos Moles
  • Trouxas de Ovos
  • Fios de Ovos
  • Arroz doce
  • Toucinho do céu
  • Natas do céu

One of the most internationally known sweet is the Portuguese Pastel de Nata (cream tart), which was also originated in the convent kitchen. However, eventhough there are many variants it is said that the original recipe in Belém (Lisbon) is a closely guarded under 7 key secret. The Pastel de Belém was elected in 2011 as one of the 7 Wonders of Gastronomy of Portugal.

Currently, in most cafes in Portugal you can buy home-made cream tarts, but only the original can be called Pastel de Belém.

Some people say that there are still some places in Porto where this delicacy is better done than in Belém, stroll the streets and indulge yourself in one of these places.



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